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Automotive Air Conditioning in Erin, ON

Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Services in Erin, ON

Automotive Air Conditioning in Fergus, ON

As temperatures rise, a functional air conditioning system in your vehicle becomes essential to ensure a comfortable ride. If your car’s AC is not performing at its best, it can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience, especially during long drives. That’s where True Auto Care, the leading auto repair and maintenance service provider in Erin, ON, comes to the rescue.

From simple recharging to complex electrical and mechanical repairs, we can handle them all. Our team can also perform routine maintenance checks to keep your AC running at peak performance.

Here are some of the AC repair and maintenance services we offer:

AC Repair Services

If your car’s AC is blowing hot air, producing strange noises, or has any other issues, bring it to us for a comprehensive diagnosis and repair. Our AC repair services include:

  • AC system inspection and diagnosis
  • Refrigerant leak detection and repair
  • Compressor repair and replacement
  • Evaporator and condenser repair and replacement
  • Electrical system repairs

Why Choose True Auto Care for Your AC Repair and Maintenance Needs in Erin, ON?

When it comes to your vehicle’s AC system, you want an experienced and reliable service provider who can offer quality repairs and maintenance services. Here are some reasons why you should choose True Auto Care:

  • It’s important to
  • take your vehicle for regular maintenance of your car’s air conditioning system. This can help prevent major issues and ensure your AC is working properly when you need it most.
  • True Auto Care provides several different types of air conditioning services. Services offered include things like AC inspections, refrigerant recharging, and compressor repairs.
  • When you choose True Auto Care for your air conditioning needs, you can expect knowledgeable and experienced technicians working on your vehicle.  We also use only high-quality parts for our repair work.   We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction every time. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System:

In addition to offering air conditioning services, there are some things you can do to help maintain your car’s AC system. This can include things like regularly replacing air filters, keeping your AC system clean, and avoiding overuse of your AC system.

Choose True Auto Care for AC Repair and Maintenance in Erin, ON

We offer competitive pricing for all our car AC repair and maintenance services in Erin, ON, ensuring that you get quality services without breaking the bank. We are also committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied with our services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our repairs and services.

If you’re in Erin, ON, and looking for a reliable and experienced auto care center for your AC repair and maintenance needs, True Auto Care is a perfect choice. Contact us today to book an appointment and experience our top-notch services firsthand.

Our Customer Reviews

Quick, friendly and reasonably priced!

Nora Crete Dec 12, 2023

Excellent service efficient and timely

Jim Bailey Jul 7, 2023

The staff is very knowledgeable and understands my needs. When working on the car they informed me of other issues that needed to be done and gave me an estimate of the additional cost before proceeding with the work. I am satisfied with their work. Bob Skeoch

Bob Skeoch May 5, 2023

I was very impressed with how knowledgeable the Service Manager and Service Advisor were at the Front Desk! Makes for a GREAT experience!

idd Nov 11, 2023

Courteous and professional

Karen Stimson Nov 11, 2023

Very Profesional, Polite, Friendly, and Reasonably Priced Good Old Fashion Service. The Best of the Best!! Happy to know True Auto Care!

Andreas Roussos Nov 11, 2023

Great service and very helpful.

Moe Jacobs Nov 11, 2023

Was driving and got a chip from a rock hitting the windshield. They got me in and out within 15 minutes of walking in. Was super friendly and helpful, taking me on the spot and ensuring that my chip wouldn't spread worse. They spoke me through the options I had also instead of insisting on one type of repair. It's barely even noticeable and the majority of the damage has faded from their work. (note these photos are "up close" shots, from further back you hardly see anything! 98% better then it was!)

Krystal Sponagle Nov 11, 2023

Friendly, timely service. Highly recommended

Maureen Farquharson Nov 11, 2023

Excellent service all around.. Thank you.

Robert Grimes Mar 3, 2023

When I go for maintenance the service is always great.

wayne campbell Jun 6, 2023

You are the best and I appreciate that I can trust you.

Rachel Nov 11, 2023

Excellent troubleshooting and workmanship, as usual.

Steven Haney Apr 4, 2023

As always friendly service.

Joann Raine Nov 11, 2023

We are always well taken care of and happy to have a place that we feel safe! It hard to come by!

Linda Babin Nov 11, 2023

Winter tires on and service work completed as agreed. Well done!!

Kenneth Lindsay Mar 3, 2023

Did an exhaust inspection and a brake inspection and service. Clean job and fairly priced. Friendly staff and great communication with regard to what needed repairs. Will use again.

Chris Bonthron Nov 11, 2023

Ron and Jen and staff always smiling and happy to see me. Helpful to a fault.

Dennis Hons Apr 4, 2023

I was completely satisfied with the service I received with the purchase of new tires and rims.

Terry Webb Oct 10, 2023

A shout out to Jenna - this afternoon I needed a tire pressure sensor replaced because air was quickly escaping from the tire. Jenna quickly arranged the required fix and I was back on the road within 30 mins, so from my perspective Jenna and staff definitely earned this 5 star rating.

Brian Doyle Sep 9, 2023

Service is always courteous and friendly. Job was done quickly and on time.

John Edwards Aug 8, 2023

Great service. My first choice for maintenance and repairs.

John Little Oct 10, 2023

True Auto Care was very clear about what they were doing with my vehicle, what costs were, and were prompt with their service. As long as I'm in Fergus they will be the mechanic shop I'm going to.

Sheldon Angst Oct 10, 2023

Both Jenna and Rena were great to deal with. They were a big help in purchasing our new tires. Thanks to both of you. Our appointment for installation went perfectly. On time and everything was explained. We are new to Fergus so this was our first service here. We will be back for all our auto service needs.

Bob Glazin Oct 10, 2023

Well just say I brought my 2003 Trailblazer from Victoria BC and needed a fitness review. I was treated with courtesy, up to date requirements and advice to get my vehicle certified. Staff was friendly and I could not ask for anything more. Great service. THEY ARE VERY METICULOUS IN THEIR EXAMI NATION.

Lloyd Bartholomew Jul 7, 2023

The Best most honest service ever! Took the time to explain and show us the problem and how he would repair it.

Kristina Breunig Sep 9, 2023

Jenna, Ron and the whole crew at true auto go above and beyond. Always friendly, timely with service, and reliable.

Heidi Brouwer Sep 9, 2023

Customer service by all was kind, informative and prompt.

Jennifer Craig Sep 9, 2023

Everything was great, service work, time of appt and length of time.

Ann ironside Sep 9, 2023

Oil change and tire rotation were done in the time specified.

Robert Davy Sep 9, 2023

awesome service. . have come many years for car service will keep comin back.

joanne gardner Apr 4, 2023

I had an emergency flat tire. They took us in and looked after the tire right away. Super friendly and helpful

Tanya Packer Aug 8, 2023

Terrific staff! Superb workmanship! I have been going to True Auto Care for the whole six years I’ve lived in Fergus for all our vehicle needs. Quality/ kindness/ caring business!! Highly recommend !

Maggie Johanna Aug 8, 2023

Very satisfied. Rena gave a clear explanation of recommended work. Friendly staff, clean waiting room. Loaner vehicle was appreciated!

Amber Kuliszewski Aug 8, 2023

Thank you for squeezing me in. Your quick fix gives me great peace of mind!

Nardo Kuitert Aug 8, 2023

Great service

Shirley Rowan Jul 7, 2023

Great experience. Brought car in for safety and was told everything in detail...worked with us throughout the experience and had car finished when we needed it. Thank you!

Kat M Jul 7, 2023
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